Instructor Malcolm E. French

At this Training Agency the New York Automotive Technician Training Program is put forth for Repair of Auto and Truck or any vechicle also equipment.

A full line of New York A.T.T.P. training course as well as up date training in 200 level courses. Upon Sucessful Complection of the A.T.T.P course you will receive NEW YORK STATE CERTIFICATION and PATCH.

If you need information From Department of Motor Vechicle in connection to this program as the Training Division handles can contact them on web: , .

Course as follows :

  1. * F.E.E.T. Fundamental Engine Election Training
  2. * S.T.E.P. System Training in Engine, Emission Performance
  3. * C.A.P.S. Computerized Automotive Performance Systems
  4. * F.I.S.T. Fuel Injection System Training
  5. * A.C.E.S. Advanced Computer and Emission Specialist
  6. * T.A.B.S. Training in Anti-lock Brake Systems

F.E.E.T. Fundamental Engine Electronics Training Prerequisite : Basic and some work in the field of repair . this covers , circuit design , Wiring Principals and use of electronics testing equipment . Armed with a diagnostic chart ,a scope , and other test equipment plus diagrams you get class room and hands on instruction . Upon complection DMV sends your complection and patch Items [ 30 Hrs Course ] .

S.T.E.P. System Training in Engine and Emission Performance Prerequisite : F.E.E.T. course Complection. The course offers the Technician training in cause of excessive emissions and early fuel evaporative systems , Air injection reaction systems , fuel evaporation control system , exhaust gas recirculation system and catalytic converters . [ 24 Hrs Course ] .

C.A.P.S. Computerized Automotive Performance System Prerequisite : F.E.E.T & S.T.E.P. complection . This course is to provide essential knowledge for diagnoise and repair of computerized engine control systems. Emphasis is placed on areas as sensors , actuators , and fuel management . [ 24 Hrs course ] .

F.I.S.T. Fuel Injection System Training Prerequisite : F.E.E.T. & S.T.E.P. & C.A.P.S. complection . This course covers understanding modern fuel delivery systems , how they work and repair same . the course combines the necessary computer and electronic skills learned in the previous classes. It give the technician knowledge covering theory , diagnostics , and service procedure for both foreign and domestic manufacturers, fuel injection systems , Air , Fuel , and electronics management , along with their major components such as fuel injectors , filters and pumps among the other essentials. [ 24 Hrs Course ] .

A.C.E.S. Advanced Computer and Emission Specialist Prerequisite : is Complection of above courses. This course takes all previous classes and puts together training learned along with up dates . program charts which guide step by step to proper repair of vechicle . Until it is repaired at each step no advancement can be done. Also other type equipment use in repair and diagnostic of items. Also Training in On Board Diagnostic # two is covered . { 40 hrs Min: course ] .

For other courses mention they are in Council of Advanced Automotive Trainers Program and will be given as more students are involved in classes MNore can be found out on Web ; , .

Also for the ATTP programs web . , , .

you can contact me Instructor Malcolm E French at Email address : malcolmf@northnet ,or at phone # 315-629-5104 . Registration for classes can be done at the training center , location is from watertown follow Route 37 North pass Longways Truck Stop to Pamelia 4 Corners go pass caution light then take 2nd left turn on to Shell Rd. approx: 1/2 mile to intersection take right turn on to pink school rd , approx: 150 feet is training at end of French's Auto Repair Shop.

Tools used in today repair are many , Scopes , DVOM METERS , Bear engine or Snap-on or other makes of large diagnostic Equipment, among many that must be come a part of repair work.



Approved 04/03/03