Northnet has provided this FAQ for your use to answer some questions commonly asked by Northnet customers.  If you have a question that is not listed here, and you think it should be added, please send us e-mail.

For MAC questions, please refer to:
Common Windows 95 connection problems
Email Problems
Modem troubles (getting disconnected etc)
Click here for: Illegal operation, Application error, General protection fault, or invalid page fault.
Netscape Fonts Problem:  Tiny, Invisible, or Greek fonts in Netscape.

Configuring your E-Mail settings?

Modem Init Strings: These are used to help modems to get faster, cleaner and more reliable connections.  They will often prevent disconnects as well.  If you are having difficulties getting connected or staying connected, your system might need a modem init string from below.  These are listed in alphabetical order aranged according to manufacturer.

Windows 95 Common Errors:

Problems with the dialling software:

Problem with Netscape?

Dial-Up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols:

If using a manual login: If using a Script Login:

Dial-Up Networking is not configured to work with the current network settings.

If using a manual login: If using a Script Login:

Dial-Up Networking Configuration:

To get to the configuration settings, go to Dial-Up Networking, select the Northnet icon, click File, and then Properties.
Under Configuration:
Click Options, and make sure "Bring up terminal window AFTER dialling is selected if using a manual login, and NOT selected if using a script.
Under Server Types:
Under TCP/IP Settings:

Networking Configuration:

To get to the Network Configuration settings, go to Control Panel, double click the Network icon.
Under The following Network Components are installed:
They may have other network components, however, unless they are REQUIRED by a LAN or other network connection, the user should remove them!
Under TCP/IP Settings:

If your modem is not responding:

If your modem is being used by another connection:

If you are getting Stuck on Verifying Username and Password:

Trouble Shooting

Dial up Networking may be getting stuck on "Verifying Username and Password".  If this happens, try connecting again.  While you're connecting, check on your TASK BAR which is the gray bar near your START button.  On this gray bar you should see "Running C:\windows\1006.scp".  If it is NOT there, then you need to reinstall the scripting program

To reinstall the scripting program:

If the script is running while you are connecting, and thus shows "Running C:\windows\1006.scp" on the task bar, then there may be a problem with your script or the information your script contains concerning your username and/or password.

To check if the script is running properly:

To edit script: Option I                                         proc main
                                             transmit "^M"
                                             transmit "^M"
                                             delay 1
                                             waitfor "name:" Option II                                         proc main
                                             transmit "^M"
                                             transmit "^M"
                                             delay 1

Netscape Problems:

Netscape Mail Problems:

Windows Errors: General Protection Faults, Invalid Page Faults, Application Errors, and Illegal Operations.
These are all common to windows and can be caused by a number of different things.  Some of the time you will get one of these errors from either Internet Explorer or Netscape.  If this happens only rarely, you should not worry.  If it happens frequently, you should follow some of the suggestions below.

If you receive the error while in Netscape:
Clear the Cache
Shutdown and restart the computer
Clean the mail box files
Check the Netscape FAQ

If you receive the error while in Internet Explorer:
Clear the Temporary Internet Files
Shutdown and restart the computer
Clean the mail box files
Check the Internet Explorer FAQ
For either error, if the above does not have what you need, try going to and searching for the Keyword "GPF".


Windows 3.1/3.11 Common Errors:
 Still under construction.  Please e-mail any suggestion or questions, and we will try to add them!

Mail Settings

Netscape 2.0/3.x Mail Settings

To access Netscape Mail Settings:
    Load Netscape
    Click Options
    Click Mail and News Preferences
    The Servers Tab should show this:


    The Identity Tab should show this:


Netscape Communicator 4.04 Mail Settings

To access the Netscape Communicator Mail settings:
    Load Netscape Communicator
    Click Edit
    Click Preferences
    Expand the "Mail and Groups" label
    Under Mail Server, you should have:


    Under Identity, you should have:



Netscape Communicator Profiles
            To set up a new profile for Netscape Communicator, you must have ALL Netscape windows closed.
            Click on Start
            Click on Programs
            Click on Netscape Communicator
            Click on Utilities
            Click on User Profile Manager
            Click New
            Click Next
            Type in your full name
            Type in your email address
            Click Next
            Leave settings on next page the same, click Next
            Change outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server to:
            Click Next
            Change Incoming Mail Server to:
            Mail Server type is POP3
            Click Next
            Change News (NNTP) Server to:
            Port should not change.
            Click Finish


Internet Explorer 3.02, with Internet Mail, Mail Settings:

To access the mail settings:
    Load Internet Explorer
    Click Mail  (button)
    Click Read Mail
    Click Mail  (on menu bar)
    Click Options
    The servers tab should show you this:


Internet Explorer 4.0, with Outlook Express, Mail Settings:

To access the mail settings:
    Load Outlook Express
    Click Tools
    Click Accounts
    Click Mail
    Select your mail account, and click Properties
    The server tab should show you this:


Microsoft Outlook, Mail Settings:

To access the mail settings:
    Load Outlook Express
    Click Tools
    Click services
    Click Internet Mail, and Properties
    It should should show you this: