THE FRINGE is a four-man folk-rock band whose members are now dispersed around the world.
 “Never Lose a Dream” is the only recording the band has ever made.  Richard Hayes Phillips
 and John Mark Ramsey II wrote all the songs on the CD, nine of them as a team, and six as
 individuals.  Both wrote lyrics, and both wrote music.  The band was born in August 1996
 when Richard and John Mark wrote “Bidding Farewell” at the Foote Rest Café in Saranac Lake,
 New York.  The next day John Mark returned to his boyhood home of Antlers, Oklahoma, but
 the partnership continued.  Most of the songs were written during the spring and summer
 of 1997.  In October the two of them rescued a 1977 Dodge van from an overgrown field
 and traveled to San Diego, where John Katchur had a recording studio.  John is a brilliant
 guitarist and singer/songwriter in his own right.  Richard had met him at the Inner Change
 Coffeehouse in San Diego in February 1995.  Two months later Richard recorded at John’s
 studio ten songs that appear on his solo CD called “Songs from the Sage.”  John was the
 recording engineer for “Never Lose a Dream,” and plays a fretted Rickenbacker bass on the
 recording.  He recruited Jeff Berkley, an experienced session musician, to play percussion.
 The instrumentation varies from song to song.  Some are gentle love songs with one or two
 guitars and voices; some are full-fledged rock songs with bass and drums.  Richard also
 plays mandolin, kalimba and harmonica.  All instruments except the bass are acoustic.

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