Me and my crazy Beatle world

Okay so this is how it is. I want you to have fun and enjoy the Beatles and what any other crazy thing I put on here. Hi, my name is none of your business and my age is 15 and yes that is the truth. I go to IHC here where I live and who ever lives here where I live knows what school oops I mean hell I go to.

The Beatles were a band from Liverpool England. It was a city built on a harbor. During WWII it was one of the main spots to bomb. It is legend that John Lennon the second oldest Beatle was born during a bombing in 1940. The Beatles didn't become famous here until 1962. They had already became famous over in England. There band didn't always consist of John, Paul, George and the cute Ringo Starr.

This is Stu Stutcliffe. He died at the age of 22 of a brain hemorrhage. He was the played the bass for the Beatboys as they were called in Hamburg(this is because there is a German slang word peatle meaning a *ahem* penis). He fell in love while in Hamburg to a photographer, Astrid. Astrid was going out Klaus, who later designed the covers to "Revolver" and for the three anthologies, at the time they met. Stu later quit the band to be with Astrid, they were engaged to be married but sadly was never to be. Stu died April 10th in 1962.

The drummer here is Pete Best. Pete Best wasn't the best of drummers but it was the only drummer they could find at the time they were asked to go to Hamburg Germany. Pete was later dropped and Ringo was took into the band. Angry fans protested "Pete hot, Ringo not" I could argue with that forever.

The Beatles became famous. And sadly all things must pass. The band broke up over difficulties in 1969 or 1970 it was never clear. And yet more tragedy struck.

John Lennon was shot and killed on December 8th in 1980. He was gunned down in front of the Dakota building, his home. He was pronounced dead in the hospital. People grieved......I grieve over 18 years later. It was a sad day for Beatle fans every where.

And just announced is the death if Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney long time wife died of breast cancer. This was a shock to the world. And it must be hard on Paul, who's mother died of the same thing.

Well that is all I can say my page doesn't much room. That sux. Well~~ Peace~love~harmony ~~

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" People say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one i hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as ONE"

"Bend little willow the winds are blowing hard tonight"

"Live and Let die"

Bye and see you sometime in a dream I know that we all have!!!