Clockwise from lower left:  Edith Heter, Lucetta Heter, Waid Heter, Wylie Heter, Norma Heter,
Frank Heter, Elizabeth Dill Heter, Marion Heter, Thomas Jefferson Heter


                LEFT: Jacob Heter in Ohio   RIGHT: T. J. Heter in Ohio


Salome Fries and John (Johannes) Heater IV, taken no later than 1865, in Bellevue, Ohio

NOTE:  The persons in these photographs have been positively identified by handwriting
on the back of identical copies in the possession of direct descendants of George Heater
and Hannah Kern, still living in Bellevue, Ohio.  The vital information contained therein
is substantially correct.  There is no reason to doubt its authenticity.  Identical photos
in possession of fourth cousins would almost certainly be those of common ancestors.

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       Original pen and ink drawings of the Arkansas River in Rice County, Kansas
                           by Thomas Marion Heter (1906-1977)

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                    For water colors by Thomas Marion Heter click HERE

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