TOP ROW:  Marion Helen Guilliams and Gertrude Phillips; Will Phillips; Will Phillips; Marion Helen Guilliams
BOTTOM ROW:  Four photographs of Gertrude Phillips, daughter of Joseph Harmon Phillips and Marion Helen Guilliams


                   A ghostly, faded photograph of the crime scene in Paola, Kansas, the house
                   where Will Phillips was shot by a burglar.  The caption on the back is in
                   the handwriting of his granddaughter, my Aunt Eleanor.


                    1878 map of Miami County, Kansas, showing the route of the Missouri, Kansas
                    & Texas Railroad into Paola from the east.  Will Phillips took the train from
                    Kansas City on the fateful night of Sunday, January 16, 1888.  The scheduled
                    arrival time was 11:00 P.M.  When he entered his house, Will was shot to death
                    by a burglar.  His widow collected on a life insurance policy, and also upon
                    traveler's insurance that was good until midnight.  No doubt she had to
                    struggle to collect, having to prove that the shooting occurred before midnight.


               A map published by the United States Department of the Interior in the 1920s, showing
               what once was an impressive network of passenger train routes across the heartland of
               America.  Paola was a stop on the St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern route from
               Kansas City to New Orleans, and was the junction with the Missouri Pacific line to
               Pueblo, Colorado.  There were five east-west routes across the State of Kansas alone.
               Today there is only one and, (unlike January 16, 1888), the trains seldom run on time.

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