Born January 1773, Loudoun County, Virginia (ref. Affidavit 28 January 1850).

1790 census:  Rowan County, North Carolina, in household of father John Phillips.

1800 census:  Surry County, North Carolina (aged 26-44), with wife (aged 26-44),
one son (under 10) and two daughters (under 10).

14 August 1812:  Hawkins County, Tennessee, witness to Will of Gabriel Phillips,
his brother.  Also a witness is Zadoc Moore, whose daughter married Robert's
son.  For a full transcription of the Will of Gabriel Phillips click  HERE
c. 1824-1828: Hawkins County, Tennessee, Land Records, Surveyor's Entry (B:88). Also in the Land Records are Milly Phillips (widow of Gabriel), and Micajah and Martin Phillips (sons of Robert Phillips). For index to Land Records click
1830 census: Cocke County, Tennessee (aged 50-59), with wife (aged 50-59), one daughter (aged 20-29), and one son (aged 10-14). 1840 census: Coles County, Illinois (aged 60-69), with wife (aged 60-69). 1850 census: Coles County, Illinois (aged 77, born in Virginia), with wife Phebe (aged 77, born in Pennsylvania). Neither could read or write. 28 January 1850: Affidavit of Robert Philips, of Coles County, Illinois, in Revolutionary War pension case of his brother, Gabriel Philips, deceased. To see the Affidavit click
HERE For a full transcription click HERE CHILDREN OF ROBERT AND PHEBE PHILLIPS MICAJAH PHILLIPS (1794-1876) Micajah Phillips. Born 8 March 1794, North Carolina. Died 30 August 1876, Moultrie County, Illinois. Sarah A. Phillips. Born 6 February 1813, Kentucky. Died 12 May 1895, Moultrie County, Illinois. Marriage Record: Micajah Philips to Polly Smiley, 18 July 1818, Greene County, Tennessee Second marriage: Sarah Dejournett (Dejarnett) Cropper, 5 May 1845, Coles County, Illinois. 1830 census: Hawkins County, Tennessee 1840 census: Jefferson County, Tennessee 1850, 1860, 1870 census: Moultrie County, Illinois 1880 census: Widow Sarah, Moultrie County, Illinois Children: Malinda Ann, born 27 May 1819, Bulls Gap, Hawkins, Tennessee Emeline, born 15 January 1821, Bulls Gap, Hawkins, Tennessee Calvin, born 20 October 1825, Bulls Gap, Hawkins, Tennessee Martin K., born 19 February 1827, Bulls Gap, Hawkins, Tennessee William, died young Andrew J., born 23 December 1845, Moultrie County, Illinois Paulina Jane, born 6 March 1849, Coles County, Illinois Benjamin, born 15 April 1852, Illinois, died 18 July 1860, Illinois For more on Robert and Micajah Phillips and their descendants click HERE and HERE
MARTIN PHILLIPS (1801-1868) Martin Phillips. Born 12 July 1801, North Carolina. Died 6 August 1868, Overton County, Tennessee. Marriage Record: Martin Phillips to Jane Clepper, 25 January 1848, Hawkins County Tennessee 1830, 1840, 1850 census: Hawkins County, Tennessee. 1860 census: Overton County, Tennessee. 1870, 1880 census: Widow Jane, Overton County, Tennessee. First Marriage: Probably to Rosannah Moore, daughter of Zadock and Barbary Moore, Hawkins County, Tennessee. She is named in the will of her father, Zadock or Zadok Moore, 19 March 1844, as Rosannah Phillips. Martin Phillips is a witness to the will. Another daughter is named as Winnea Keele, dec'd. The name of Isaac Phillips (son of Gabriel Phillips and Miliah Keele) is mentioned in the will. For a full transcription of the Will of Zadock Moore click
To see 1830 and 1840 Hawkins County census records for Zadock Moore with Phillips and Keele relatives living nearby, click
HERE Children: Daughter, born 1826-1830 Daughter, born 1831-1835 William, born c. 1833, Tennessee. Thomas, born c. 1835, Tennessee. Robert, born c. 1837, Tennessee. Sentin, born c. 1839, Tennessee. Elizabeth, born c. 1841, Tennessee. Eliza, born c. 1843, Tennessee. Benson, born c. 1848, Tennessee. Richard B., born c. 1850, Tennessee. Thomas H., born c. 1851, Tennessee. Samuel M., born c. 1852, Tennessee. DELILAH PHILLIPS (1811-1893) Delilah Waddill. Born 13 May 1811, Tennessee. Died 29 January 1893, Adair County, Missouri. John Waddill. Born 13 May 1812, Tennessee. Died 18 August 1891, Adair County, Missouri. Marriage Record: John Waddle to Delila Phillips, 10 May 1832, Washington County, Tennessee. 1840, 1850 census: Coles County, Illinois. 1860, 1870, 1880 census: Benton, Adair, Missouri. Children: Martha E., born c. 1832, Tennessee Cyntha P., born c. 1833, Tennessee Hannah M., born c. 1835, Illinois Jonathan W., born c. 1837, Illinois Amanda, born c. 1839, Illinois Jacob, born c. 1840, Illinois Robert, born c. 1842, Illinois William, born c. 1843, Illinois James, born c. 1846, Illinois Jane, born c. 1849, Illinois Hepzibah (Heppie), born c. 1852, Illinois Frances K. (Fanny), born c. 1857, Missouri BATY (BEATY) PHILLIPS, POSSIBLE NEPHEW OF ROBERT Some researchers have claimed Baty Phillips as a son of Robert and Phebe Phillips. DNA evidence places his descendants in the same Family Group as known descendants of John Phillips of Loudoun County, Virginia and Rowan County, North Carolina. The circumstantial evidence from the historical record is presented below. Appearing as household #156 in the 1850 census for Moultrie County, Illinois is Henderson Philips (26, born in Tennessee) with a wife Matilda (20, born in Illinois), two children (aged 2 and 8 months, born in Illinois), and a family member named William M. Phillips (14, born in Tennessee). This is the same year that Micajah Phillips, and his sons Calvin and Martin K., first appear in the census for Moultrie County, Illinois, as heads of households #491, #486, and #487, respectively. Henderson Philips is in the same county, but he is not a neighbor. Ten years later, in 1860, Henderson Philips appears in the census for Moultrie County, Illinois, with his wife Matilda and five children. Living next door are William Gunnels (32), Mary Gunnels (21), and Phebe Philips (62), all born in Tennessee. This is not Phebe Philips, wife of Robert. She died 30 April 1858 in Coles County, Illinois, and she was not born in Tennessee. Listed in the 1850 census for Overton County, Tennessee are William Gunnels (21), in household #44, and Phoebe Philips (53), with two children, Hiram (13) and Mary (11), in household #212. All were born in Tennessee. Rather obviously, William Gunnels later married Mary Philips, daughter of Phoebe Philips. Phebe Bayles (Bayless) married Baty Philips (Beaty Phillips) on 11 February 1818 in Washington County, Tennessee. Beaty Philips (aged 40-49) is listed in the 1840 census for Overton County, Tennessee with a wife (aged 40-49) and eight children, including a boy aged 15-19 (Henderson) and two girls aged 10-14 (one of whom is Mary). Baty Phillips (aged 30-39) is listed in the 1830 census for Monroe County, Tennessee with a wife (aged 30-39) and five children, including a boy aged 5-9 and two girls under 5, consistent with the 1840 census and with an 1818 marriage date. Overton County, Tennessee was the home in 1860 of Martin Phillips, son of Robert and Phebe Phillips, and of his widow Jane in 1870 and 1880 (see above). Moultrie County, Illinois was the home in 1850, 1860, and 1870 of Micajah Phillips, son of Robert and Phebe Phillips, and of his widow Sarah Phillips in 1880 (see above). The fact that Overton County was the home of Beaty Philips in 1840 and of his widow Phoebe in 1850, and that Moultrie County, Illinois was Phoebe's home in 1860, well establishes that Baty (Beaty) was related to Robert and Martin and Micajah. But it does not establish that Baty (Beaty) Phillips was the son of Robert Phillips. Robert Phillips appears in the 1830 census for Cocke County, Tennessee. Both he and his wife are aged 50-59, consistent with their known birth dates of 1773. They have a daughter aged 20-29 (possibly Delilah, born 1811, married 1832), and a son aged 10-14, whom I am unable to identify. This is almost certainly the same Robert Phillips. Cocke County is contiguous to Greene County, and is near to Bulls Gap, where Micajah's children were born. And in the 1840 census, Martin Philips, son of Robert and Phebe, was living in Cocke County, Tennessee. More conclusively, Robert Philips appears in the 1800 census for Surry County, North Carolina. Both he and his wife are aged 26-44, consistent with their known birth dates of 1773. They have three children, all under 10: a son (Micajah), and two daughters, whom I am unable to identify. Again, this is almost certainly the same Robert Phillips. According to family records of his descendants, his son Micajah was born near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And Robert's brother Jonathan was living in Surry County in the 1790 and 1800 census. If Robert had only one son born before 1800, and Micajah was born in 1794, then Baty was not Robert's son. But if DNA evidence indicates that Baty Philips (Beaty Phillips) belonged to this family, whose son was he? We have records, probably complete, of the children of three of Robert's brothers - Ezra, Jonathan, and Gabriel. But we have no records of the children of Robert's two oldest brothers Thomas and John. They both appear in the early records of Tennessee. Thomas Phillips appears on the 1783 Greene County Tax List HERE and he may have been one of the Overmountain Men who fought in the Revolutionary War. John Phillips married Sarah Rose on 20 June 1789 in Greene County, Tennessee. HERE If Baty (Beaty) was the son of Thomas or John, did he have any brothers and sisters? Many persons named Philips or Phillips appear in the early marriage records or in the early census records for eastern Tennessee (the census records prior to 1830 have been lost). Some of these (Phoebe, George, Pleasant, Charles, John, Britton, Royal) were the children of Dyer Phillips and Patience Clay of Lunenburg County, Virginia HERE and probably the grandchildren of John Phillips and Deborah Britton of Nottingham, Cecil County, Maryland. Two others (Clemons and Patrick) were of the same generation as Thomas and John. Of the remainder, eight first appear in the marriage records, and four first appear in the census records. Perhaps some, or perhaps none, were children of Thomas or John. William Pratt and Elizabeth Philips, Greene County, 20 June 1801 Charles West and Sarah Phillips, Greene County, 23 April 1803 John McCardell and Lena or Sara Phillips, Washington County, 23 April 1809 Jacob Philips and Elizabeth White, Washington County, 27 January 1824 Harry Scroggs and Syntha Phillips, Washington County, 14 March 1833 William J. Tadlock and Mary Phillips, Washington County, 2 September 1833 Young Bayles and Mary Phillips, Washington County, 5 April 1834 Elijah Barlow and Martha Phillips, Washington County, 6 August 1835 Andrew J. Dockuby and Mary W. Phillips, Washington County, 22 November 1838 Jesse Philips, 1830 census, Greene County, aged 50-59, four children John Philips, 1830 census, Washington County, aged 40-49, nine children John Philips, 1830 census, Washington County, aged 30-39, five children Patsy Phillips, 1830 census, Hawkins County, aged 20-29, one daughter For more documentation of Phillips ancestry click: WILL OF JOHN PHILLIPS JOHN AND DIANNAH PHILLIPS AFFIDAVIT OF ROBERT PHILLIPS TRANSCRIPTIONS OF AFFIDAVITS CHILDREN OF GABRIEL AND MILIAH PHILLIPS BIOGRAPHY OF EZRA PHILLIPS CHILDREN OF ROBERT AND PHEBE PHILLIPS PHILLIPS MARRIAGE RECORDS PHILLIPS CENSUS RECORDS LOUDOUN COUNTY TITHABLES Contact:

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