Delilah Allred, wife of Stephen Phillips, was my great-great-great-grandmother.
Her father was Joseph Allred, her grandfather was John Allred.  It is commonly
stated that the “original” John Allred had two wives: (1) Lillie Ann, ancestry
unknown; and (2) Margaret Chaney, daughter of Francis Chaney and Sarah Aurick.
However, a comparison of the marks of the John Allred who married Lillie Ann,
and the John Allred who married Margaret Chaney and fathered twelve children,
proves conclusively that they were two different persons.  The mark of one is
a capital A, and the mark of the other is three vertical lines connected by
a horizontal line, resembling three plus signs +++  Lillie Ann may have been
Annie Hamilton or Hambleton of Westmoreland County, Virginia, traditionally
identified as the mother of the four “original” Allreds of North Carolina.

LEFT:  Marks of John Aldred and Lillie Ann Aldred on deed dated 24 January 1784
RIGHT:  Mark of John Allred, father of twelve, on will dated 15 September 1792


Thomas Allred obtained land on Mount Pleasant Creek in Randolph County, North
Carolina, from the “original” John Allred, believed to have been his brother.
The original land entry to John Allrid, dated 15 March 1755, included both “his
and Thomas Alldrid’s improvements.”  Thomas Aldred and his wife Elizabeth Alred
sold part of this land on 1 September 1788.  A comparison of the mark on the deed
of sale with the mark on the Last Will and Testament of Thomas Allred, father of
nine, dated 8 November 1809, proves that this was one and the same person.

LEFT:  Marks of Thomas Aldred and Elizabeth Alred on deed dated 10 April 1788.
RIGHT:  Mark of Thomas Allred, father of nine, on will dated 8 November 1809.


Two men named “William Alred” and one man named “William Aldrige” appear on the
1755 tax list for Orange County, which then included what is now Randolph County.
On 11 December 1762, William Alred Jr. received a land grant on Bush Creek,
tributary of Deep River; William Alred Sr. was a chain carrier for the surveyor.
A comparison of the mark on the land grant with the mark on the Last Will and
Testament of the “original” William Allred, father of four, dated 14 October 1822,
shows that they were two different persons.  William Aldridge received 256 acres
of land on Mount Pleasant Creek (entry dated 13 November 1756), adjacent to the
land of John and Thomas.  One of the chain carriers was Seymore York, the father
of Jeremiah York, to whom Thomas Allred sold his land on Mount Pleasant Creek
on 10 April 1788.  William Aldridge must have been the brother of John and Thomas.

LEFT:  Mark of William Alred Jun'r on land grant dated 11 December 1762.
RIGHT:  Mark on William Allred, father of four, on will dated 14 October 1822.


Census records prove that there were two men named Solomon Allred (Alred) born in
North Carolina two years apart, in 1770 and 1772, both living in Overton County,
Tennessee in 1850.  The father of one was Solomon Allred Sr. who was aged 80-89
in the 1830 census for Overton County.  The father of the other was Solomon Allred
who died intestate (without a will) in Richmond County, North Carolina, in 1782;
three of his sons, Phineas, Johnathan, and Solomon, are listed in the 1790 census
for Richmond County.  He is believed to have been the Solomon Allred who received
a grant for land on Sandy Creek in Randolph County on 10 March 1752, which he and
his wife Mary sold on 12 August 1771.  Unlike the Allreds on Mount Pleasant Creek,
this Solomon Allred was able to sign his name, which suggests that he was not
raised in the same household and was not their brother.  The other Solomon Allred
is mentioned in a land grant entered by Herman Husband on 15 March 1755 on Mount
Pleasant Creek, where Solomon had built a cabin.  This places him on the same
creek as “John Allrid,” “Thomas Alldrid,” and “William Aldridge.”  This “Solomon
Allred” must have been the “original” Solomon, brother of John, Thomas and William.

LEFT:  Signature of Solomon Allred on land grant dated 10 March 1752.
RIGHT:  Phineas, Johnathan and Solomon Allred in 1790 census for Richmond County.


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